Monday, June 23, 2008

I really need some help

Hubby is great about doing things around the house, but at his own pace..for instance the pool has been opened for two weeks but it's not ready to be used yet...the chemicals are not right and it hasn't been vacuumed, but Hubby of these days...

His garden is not fully planted..his friends are taking lettuce, cauliflower, and wonderful other things out of theirs but his is droopy and not fully planted.

Around the cement are clusters of weeds and stones...the furniture is not outside, the pool stuff is still in the garage. And I don't even know if he has the necessary chemicals to start the pool.

I am doing all I can..really..but I was absent when the art of nagging was discussed and I don't know how to go about it.

I tried the helpless female but he said "your doing great..keep going" meanwhile he and young son have been fishing, golfing...all the usual guy stuff..come on help a friend out here..just get me started..nothing too much..I don't want to be a statistic...I just need to know how to get him motivated without him wanting to kill me..please...just whisper in my ear..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lazy Penny Good Penny

I think Penny, my beautiful cat, has a split personality. I know she is nuts..they say animals take on the traits of their owners so...I guess it's true.
This morning she was crying inconsolably about nothing. I changed her water..gave her food..even broke down and gave her treats. But she would not stop crying..Young son came in and she hid behind the chair until he went up for a shower..Okay she doesn't like him, but she hid the jersey I had just ironed for him..and one of his sneakers..In about five he came in the kitchen..looking for his stuff and started's not funny. It took me a few minutes to figure out what had happened. So I locked the outside door and put her on the front's all windows and it's her favorite place to be. She started howling again..we opened the door and she stalked in and started yelling at me in cat speak...I don't speak cat language.
Then older son came over looking for a specific tool and he and his Dad went to retrieve it from some friend they had loaned it too and she started again...I held her for about five minutes but I can't spend my life holding my cat..can I?
Now it's just the two of us and she's fine..I am typing away and she is on her comfy chair with her favorite blanket...maybe she is a tad spoiled? hummm

8 minutes speedy

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

From Santa in the North Pole..with all his all the other Dads everywhere the very
happiest of fathers day's.

This new generation of fathers is awesome. Both sons were hands on with their babies. Unlike our hubbies, for the most part. My hubby worked sometimes sixty hour weeks and was
even called out in the middle of the night. At that time he was a foreman in the telephone Company. He wasn't there to change diapers and give bottles but occasionally he did. My oldest son was holding his daughter the first time we saw her. Her Mom had a cesarean birth and was out of it most of the time. He did all the feeding and changing in the hospital and a lot of it at home. His second baby was born in January so he worked very little except for plowing and he took over with her too. I was amazed.

Young son spent every moment he could with his son. So different from the way our Dads and Hubby's interacted, but much better. So....all you hardworking and hands on dads...the happiest and most relaxing day to you all, you deserve it.

Happy fathers day

Another fine mess

My two sons are not getting along. That's putting it mildly. Ands on father's day. What to do? We were all supposed to go to daughter-in-law's house for dinner. Then, older son declared taking young son would ruin another holiday for him. He made me so nervous that we decided to go out to dinner. Older son said "well you made your choice...are you happy?" Of course I haven't made my choice. And I am assuredly not happy.

Since they were small they argued and fought..we thought it was just sibling rivalry but now it has escalated into a form of pure hatred..It's so hard to try to make a holiday peaceful and hubby is taking the brunt of it today. So the three of us will go out and sidestep the big gathering, it's such a shame.

Hubby is getting concerned about his weight..he's not really large he just has a huge belly and sort of looks like that guy who is carrying the baby. It would be so nice if all men followed suit.
Of course, there would only be one child per family but still, it would be nice. I can see all women smirking at the very thought. Then, they will find out how difficult it is...especially in the summer.

Well, that's my new rant for the day..happy fathers day to all of you wonderful Dads.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Money Woes

You will not believe it. I'm not kidding you absolutely will not believe this..hubby...has put me on an an allowance...are you as flabbergasted as I am? It started on Monday but I luckily had a few bucks put away because by Wednesday I was flat broke again. Now that's gone too!!! he will not relent...and claims I spend too much money. I haven't been on an allowance since...never...I have never been on an allowance or a budget or anything and I do NOT spend too much money.

He told me to get a part time the summer...with the pool open...and the beach ten minutes from the house...I don't think so...and who will feed the hungry hordes who come to the pool every day...doesn't he know how much it cost for sandwiches and drinks and fruit? Of course he doesn't...but that's kind of why he took my cash access away...gee...he said if there was a poor house anymore we would be going to it...and me...because I am the cause of all this would have to have a room without a window...because I'm claustrophobic...see how mean he is...he said he will buy groceries on Tuesdays and when we run out of food oh well...oh poor hungry grand children and their friends could starve to death...

I am thinking about options...maybe robbing a bank...or a gas station...that's where all the money is these days...who's up for helping me? I'm a great driver so I will drive the get away car. I will also write the note...not that I am a better writer but I am much more menacing...
Now, we just need someone to wear a costume and do the physical robbing. Come on I know one of you can be up for it...and we will split...70 for me 30 percent for you cuz after all I thought of it.

Who's with me?

The Mess in my head

When I woke up I was so cranky...not really like me...My allergy is bad and I ache all over...
I'm really not a cry baby but today is not a good day...

Hubby and young son are still replacing the fence that surrounds the pool and they are cranky also...and the weathers wonderful...and we have a nice breeze..we should all be sent to the island of cranky ingrates. Anyway, no matter what I do I am triping over them...I was doing laundry and they had to be down stairs...changing the bed and they are needing clean towels from the linen my neighbor comes in exclaiming about the stupid people who actually buy into the whole bottled water thing...just another thing to get hubby going...look...I can't kill let's narrow the list...Hubby for obvious reasons...young son..again needs no my favorite neighbor...what to many suspects only one spare bullet.
Do ya think I can talk them into lining after the other?