Friday, August 29, 2008

I am overwhelmed

We should all welcome our dear friend Santa back where he belongs. I have missed him so much as I am sure you have too. I hope and pray the evil doers that have kept him off this site has gone away for good. What makes people decide that they can determine who is on this site. It has been just nasty for Santa and others. I am ashamed of whomever has done this to them.

I am so happy with my beautiful new site. My dear friend Santa created it for me as my dear
friend perps pointed out. I have remarkable friends and I feel I wish I could do something to thank each and every one...maybe I will get a brain flash and create an award...relax Santa...I really didn't mean you should do it (laughing).

Last night we took out daughter-in-law number one (in more ways then one) and family
for dinner at a steer poor son (older son) had just had a root canal but he managed to eat a crab meat pie...Grumpy (no that's not a typo) had a steak, one of the beautiful granddaughters had a chicken dinner and the other had a burger and clam chowder...the birthday girl and I had surf and turf...lobster pie and prime rib...I could only eat half of the beef but demolished every other bite...Grumpy didn't even faint this time when the bill came.

I asked the waitress to bring something special with a candle in it so we could sing happy birthday. She brought something with cake, ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge, and a cherry.
When asked if she wanted extra spoons with witch to share she laughed and said "no thanks, this will be just fine" so funny and such a good time.

I will be boring you from time to time with details of my can run away...I don't blame you.

Thanks to Santa I have a lovely new site and I will honestly try to keep it in good shape and not lose the passwords again (silly me).

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Perfect Day

Older son and his family had a wonderful party on Saturday. They live on the top of a hill with a long driveway so it was perfect. No other houses are very close so they set up the band, put out tons of food and off we went.

What was extremely interesting was that guys from his other bands, from years ago came by and so people would join and others would leave. Some of the younger kids had an opportunity to join in and they were thrilled. How many fifteen year olds have the chance to play with established guitar players and drummers etc.

The small children had the moon bounce all day and you can just imagine how excited they were to have that. It was cool and breezy and the bugs didn't come out until dark. If we had an opportunity to select a day that was good for everyone this would have been it.

Family and friends, young and old, singing and eating together (okay not oysters or pink Floyd for me thanks) but it was wonderful and the fact that they have it once a year is something else to anticipate. The last four years it has rained so they had to set up the band in their basement and put up huge tents for the food and seats but this was the one. A perfect day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thanks my Friends

Thanks for all your well wishes. It really makes me feel good to know I have so many friends out here in blog land.

This time I frightened myself because they could not convert my heart beat for over six hours...the rest of the time they were checking lungs etc. for blood gross. Anyway I am doing just what the doctors ordered and taking it easy for a bit so I should have tons of time to blog. Now if one of my friends will just drop over to clean my house and do some ironing...that will be terrific...maybe kick all the men in my life to the curb (that was the recommendation of one doctor) he he he...

Anyway thanks for caring.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Old friends

We spent the day friday with four old friends...very old friends...the six of us went to lunch in Rye New Hampshire at a terrific seafood place called Petey' good.

Five of us had great Seafood...after all, that's what they are noted for. One friend got a steak. Not just a steak but a well done steak...ewewe

Then we went back to our friends who have a cottage by the sea in Hampton...oh my has five rooms but it's so huge. They even have a turret where they can see the ocean because they live on a side street. The ceilings are about 30 feet. You wouldn't believe it. It's so lovely he is an architect but she also had some wonderful ideas. I'm going back in a few weeks to stay for a bit. Of course, by the time we left it was raining again...I'm so sick of the rain.

Well that's part of my was yours?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Santa's cutting a rug

Hubby and I went to a wedding Saturday night and lo and behold..Santa and the Mrs. were disguise of was awesome.

When the music first started I noticed a very handsome man with a white beard, dressed in a lovely black suit , white shirt and red tie dancing dangerously close to an elegant women in a long black gown. What gave them away was the cap she wore to help control her lovely tight curls and her round glasses perched on the end of her nose sealed the deal.

Oh the attention they received. And did you know they were cool enough to surprise everyone with their hip hop routine .

Hubby didn't believe me but when we managed to dance near them he heard Santa's distinctive
Ho Ho Ho...the old rascal even managed to dance with the bride and got in tons of pictures and video too..and me without my camera.

He bent down and asked "having a good time Maunie"? I asked him for a dance but said he was sorry but Mrs. Clause did not get him alone very often. They left soon after and everyone asked...did you just hear bells. It's okay will be our little secret. Hope you had lots of fun. I know I did.

Santa's cutting a rug

Girls of today

Maybe it's just me but the young girls of today are far more beautiful then they were twenty thirty even forty years ago. To prove it a bunch of us pulled out our yearbooks and looked. Out of three hundred plus girls there were maybe a dozen girls that were considered very beautiful...okay very pretty. Today you have to look long and hard for a girl between the ages of fourteen to twenty to find one who is plain.

Is it just me? Something in the water? The fact that they play sports? Are constantly at the gym? What is it? My granddaughters are not cute...they are beautiful and so are all of their friends. It's amazing to me and they are not running out at twelve to get their noses done or fat sucked out they are born this way. In one way it's incredible another it's scary. How did this happen?

Hubby and I went to a wedding Saturday evening and we were astonished at the bridesmaids and friends of the bride and groom. I think it's wonderful but pity the poor girl who doesn't measure up. What happens to her? Is she forever in exile or doomed to get help from the Stepford Community? Anyway it's just me ranting Gilda always said..never mind.