Friday, August 29, 2008

I am overwhelmed

We should all welcome our dear friend Santa back where he belongs. I have missed him so much as I am sure you have too. I hope and pray the evil doers that have kept him off this site has gone away for good. What makes people decide that they can determine who is on this site. It has been just nasty for Santa and others. I am ashamed of whomever has done this to them.

I am so happy with my beautiful new site. My dear friend Santa created it for me as my dear
friend perps pointed out. I have remarkable friends and I feel I wish I could do something to thank each and every one...maybe I will get a brain flash and create an award...relax Santa...I really didn't mean you should do it (laughing).

Last night we took out daughter-in-law number one (in more ways then one) and family
for dinner at a steer poor son (older son) had just had a root canal but he managed to eat a crab meat pie...Grumpy (no that's not a typo) had a steak, one of the beautiful granddaughters had a chicken dinner and the other had a burger and clam chowder...the birthday girl and I had surf and turf...lobster pie and prime rib...I could only eat half of the beef but demolished every other bite...Grumpy didn't even faint this time when the bill came.

I asked the waitress to bring something special with a candle in it so we could sing happy birthday. She brought something with cake, ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge, and a cherry.
When asked if she wanted extra spoons with witch to share she laughed and said "no thanks, this will be just fine" so funny and such a good time.

I will be boring you from time to time with details of my can run away...I don't blame you.

Thanks to Santa I have a lovely new site and I will honestly try to keep it in good shape and not lose the passwords again (silly me).


Daisy said...

Yumm, that something special with a candle in it sounds delicious. :D
Sounds like you had a nice dinner out with family. It doesn't get better than that!
(hope your son's mouth heals quickly after the root canal---ouch!)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Glad Gumpy did not faint!
Coming over to Maunie World now :-)

Anndi said...

Good times with the amily always make things better.

Hope you're well.